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Overview of The Tennis School

The Tennis School is the best place to learn tennis. It is owned and managed by the Ten Corporation.

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Ten Corp. is a bunch of professionals—mostly science majors—who, in the beginning, happen to play lot's of tennis. As you might imagine, discussions were often technical. However, geeky concepts like stroke mechanics, kinetic chain, spin dynamics, etc. seem to be far from one's mindset at game time. Later, when these science pros hooked up with actual tennis pros and coaches, there was a "mind meld". Long story short, the combined passion brewed into what is now The Tennis School...


A place where people learn to play tennis the right way. Our school of tennis combines leading-edge training methods with expert coaching. Needless to say, there are no science discussions for our students because we have integrated them seamlessly into the training.

Learning is a constant. But how should you start? We see the value in beginning with a strong playing foundation before building up. Together, we’ll build the tennis player you strive to be.

We are primarily a recreational and developmental facility. The space we’ve made is welcome to players of all levels, skills, and experiences. If you’ve always wanted to learn tennis, The Tennis School is your space!

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