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Tennis Racquets

Juniors' Wilson tennis racquets of various sizes are available. We will gladly select the approriate size for your child. Most racquets we carry are $29.99 each--prestrung and ready for use.

Prepaid Bookings

Our prepaid packs have been going well at a reduced price. If you and your buddy play tennis regularly, we suggest you get the 40-pack and split the cost. At $420 per person, you'd get 40 court bookings equivalent to 20 hours of singles play. These prepaid bookings can carry over to next year--they don't expire!

Prepaid Court Bookings
Prepaid Booking Packs Price
Non-shareable & non-transferrable
30-pack non-primetime only $435
30-pack $540
40-pack shared by 2 $840

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