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Tennis can be fast and fun to learn for your child

Like most sports, there is a learning curve in tennis. You can’t really enjoy the game until you can actually sustain a decent back-and-forth rally. Especially with younger children whose attention span and physical abilities are still developing--it is not a game that one can just… more

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What skill level of tennis do you play?

Research conducted by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) of on court assessments published over the past 70 years have shown that rating systems are beneficial for the development of individual tennis players. Particularly for recreational players. The studies have ITF believe… more


2016 Junior Tennis Tournament

This year's last tournament for Juniors has come. It will run on a series of four Saturdays starting Nov 5, 2016 and continues every other Saturday thereafter until Dec 17, 2016. This tourney has 2 age groups. Open to ages 7 to 12 on one group and another group for ages 12 to 17 years… more

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Basic tennis rules

Tennis is an individual sport. One might argue that even the doubles variation of tennis where the chemistry of partners is a key factor to winning, is essentially an individual challenge. With its prestigious events and popularity all over the world, it is one of the few sports… more


A talented youth is considered the richest age to learn

Your child is at that crucial developing stage in their lives. They're absorbing the opportunities around them and stretching out the horizons of their abilities and talents. We know that you would love to see your child(ren) excel at advanced levels at anything they choose to pursue.… more

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