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Peewee Tennis

A fun way to introduce your little ones to an active lifestyle.

Peewee Tennis is a soft introduction to tennis for kindergarten and pre-tennis children.

We introduce a variety of activities using scaled-down equipment that are easily handled by children at this age level. The focus of this program is more on developing locomotor patterns, sensory control and handling abilities that create neural connections across multiple pathways in the brain. Thus, giving the child the building blocks for lifelong learning of any other sport activity.

For example, to help develop their locomotor abilities, they will be introduced to fundamental movements (forward, backward, sideways, zigzag) using techniques like "one-two stop" or "shuffle step" on a command cue whilst developing self-awareness and body control within a defined activity space. For hand-eye coordination, a variety of ball manipulation activities will be introduced. Using different sized foam balls, children will be performing activities involving catching, tossing, throwing, bouncing whilst keeping their eyes on the ball. They will start exploring how to throw or palm-strike a ball to make it bounce before it reaches their partner.

With these pre-tennis activities, children quickly experience the intangibles of any sport or situation—hard-wiring their ability to adapt more quickly on the tennis court or on any other sport surface.

Peewee Tennis
4 to 5 years old
9 weeks per session
1 hour class
Class size
6 maximum
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
$198 per session
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