Tennis Fundamentals for Juniors

Progressive Tennis

Develop an enduring physical skill that could lead to a lifelong participation in the sport of tennis.

Within a year, capable students will learn modern ground strokes, how to execute formidable serves/return and volley at the net.

The Progressive Tennis program is a stream of 5 "grade-level" brackets. Initially, a student is assessed based on their age, ability and tennis-readiness. Our certified teachers will then recommend a lesson plan focusing on specific components that best meet the student's learning needs. Goals are then met and students re-evaluated and promoted to the next bracket—all using a cyclical, systematic process.

These lesson plans coupled with equipment like mini nets, appropriate racquet sizes and soft balls are blueprint guidelines implemented by the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA). It is proven to be effective and used to enhance and accelerate the learning of tennis. It is also used by over 45 countries (including the US, Spain, France, Belgium and Switzerland) around the world with great success. For more details, read: our news about the Kids Tennis development system. The idea is that kids shouldn't struggle with the “adult” size tennis court or chase down balls that bounce over their heads.

Progressive tennis also teaches students to maintain and improve health, mental and performance-related fitness components like agility, speed, coordination, competitiveness, respect and safety.

Progressive Juniors
5 to 18 years old
9 weeks per session
1 or 1.5 hours
Class size
6 maximum
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
$198 per session (1 hr class)
$297 per session (1.5 hr class)
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