Round Robin

Recreational Tennis for Adults


Play Doubles or singles with participants

It's actually fun. For two and a half hours, everyone gets to play. Open to members, regulars and invited guests. Scheduled 3x a week.

This program is designed for players who want to play a series of recreational tennis games. Without stressing yourselves to win (that's only what they say) but with enough effort for a decent tennis workout—or a tune up game.

Our round robins rotate the players after each set. Mostly doubles, it is comprised of short sets using a Pro set format.

After each round, players change courts and play with a new partner against new opponents. We make it competitive by having players move up one court if they win a round, or down one court if they lose the round. (King/Queen of the Court format).

This goes on over the course of two and a half hours.

Tennis balls are provided. Membership is not required.


Open daily unless otherwise announced.

  • Monday‑Friday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Saturday  9:00am‑11:00pm
  • Sunday  9:00am‑11:00pm

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We are an all year round tennis school, tennis club, and training facility. Members and non‑members alike are welcome.


The Tennis School is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and by extension, Tennis Canada, the national governing body for the sport of tennis.