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Court fees

Enjoy the privileges and optimized savings of our annual memberships. But one need not have to be a member to play on our courts...

Less Frequent Players

The first is the PAY-AS-YOU-PLAY option—this is a good temporary option—that is, if you just want to try our courts or don't plan to play often. For non-members, we charge a standard fee of $55 per court-hour. Thus, for 2 players (singles) that would be $27.50 each for an hour of play; and for 4 players, (doubles), that would be $13.75 each for 1 hour of play.







Weekly Play

Planning on playing at least once a week? The savings and privileges get better with the PRE-PAID court booking option and/or the MEMBERSHIP option. These options are for those who plan to play on our courts with other members on a more regular basis. We offer these options and some more variations to our playing customers to give you choices that will optimize your play schedule—and giving you more bang for your buck.

viz. Price comparison for 1 hour of singles play.

court fees for singles



per person
per court-hour

For continuous development.

  • can book 7 days ahead
  • pay $13.75/person
  • 50% savings
  • No court fees in summer
  • Discounts on lessons and programs



per person
per court-hour

For casual players
who play once a month

  • can book 3 days ahead
  • pay $55/court/hr divided #players
  • Standard price
  • Pay as you enter
Prepaid 30-Pack



per person
per court-hour

For recreational players who play once a week

  • can book 5 days ahead
  • pay $540/pack of 30 bookings
  • 36% savings
  • Pre-pay

Club Membership

With a club membership, valuable discounted rates are given for group or private lessons, adult programs and court fees. Annual membership includes unlimited play in the summer. Furthermore, there are no summer court fees for members. In addition, only annual members can book courts as much as 7 days in advance. Getting the best chance of booking a court at your desired time.

Annual Membership Fees
Membership Type Fee per year
*Family includes two adults plus children under 18.
Individual Senior $299
Junior $299
Adult $349
Group Couple $499
Family* $699

Come and visit us to discuss more perks if you you'd like to join our premium club membership.


Our Ball Machine rental fee is $30 per hour + court fee. Using Wilson Sensation, our stringing service is $45 plus tax. If you bring your own string, the cost of labour for stringing is $25 plus tax. We sell a can of tennis balls for $7 plus tax. Our Wilson Junior racquets sell for $35 plus tax.

Please check our deals section, possibly, for reduced rates.

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