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Summer Camp

For ages 4-17


all season

Keep a steady learning momentum with our goal-oriented programs that are open all year long.

yet mindful

Turn to high-level coaches experienced in both the mental and physical aspects of tennis.

Diligent & balanced

Our Coach to student ratio is efficient, allowing students as much attention as possible.

Play at the Tennis School

Learn tennis in an effective, methodical and remarkably fun way designed to get you playing in a short time. Discuss your goal with us and we'll determine a suitable program for your age & skill level.


"I just started playing tennis. Coach told me I had good instincts. But seriously, completing the Tennis Express course helped."

Meiling Leung

"I've been playing doubles tennis for 20 years. But I think there's still room for improvement. I play the Round Robin regularly to stay active and to keep learning."

Kathy Gagnon

"It took me a long time to get up to the 4.0 level. I thought I knew it all (strategies). Until I tried a Tennis Clinic. Since then my game has changed noticeably said my friends. "

Frank Khan

"My husband and I drop-in often to play rally tennis. The Tennis School is one of our favorite hard court surface."

Jenna Watson

Tennis in Less Time

Our best beginner programs

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Open daily unless otherwise announced.

  • Monday‑Friday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Saturday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Sunday  8:00am‑11:00pm


We are an all year round tennis school, tennis club, and training facility. Members and their guests are welcome.


The Tennis School is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and by extension, Tennis Canada, the national governing body for the sport of tennis.