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Younger children (normally age 4 and above), can discover their individual abilities while enjoying a miniaturized version of tennis—using lighter racquets, softer balls, smaller nets and courts. For teens we offer a Progressive Tennis program from beginners to advanced children. Adults and seniors who are new to tennis will benefit from our streamlined programs geared towards learning tennis. For that, we offer the Tennis Express series—the fastest route towards playing actual tennis games. Our programs are managed by one or more coaches. Programs run in sessions of 1 to 2 hours on the tennis court with, at most, 6 participants per session.

Progressive Training
Tennis for Juniors

Within a year, capable students will learn modern ground strokes, how to execute formidable serves/return and volley at the net. ...

Tennis Express
Tennis Express Series

Tennis Express classes are offered to adults of different levels of tennis. One (1) hour classes are conducted weekly by one of our certified coaches. ...

Tennis Clinics
Fine-tuning strokes, strategy and movement.

An hour of tennis lecture with on-court "acting" scenarios to teach a variety of concepts and movements. ...

Round Robin
Play Doubles with Members in a Round Robin

It's actually fun. For two hours, everyone gets to play. Open to members 3x a week. ...

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We are an all year round tennis school, tennis club, and training facility. Members and their guests are welcome.


The Tennis School is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and by extension, Tennis Canada, the national governing body for the sport of tennis.