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Tennis Express Series

Tennis Express classes are offered to adults of different levels of tennis. One (1) hour classes are conducted weekly by one of our certified coaches.

Completing the full Tennis Express series alongside some weekly practice on your own, could turn your tennis game into a rating of level 3.0 within 6 months.

Each course of the series is designed to help you progress to your next level (NTRP). The levels of tennis are based on our coaches assessment of your natural athletic abilities as well as the depth of your tennis game.

Tennis Express I

This program is designed to introduce the game of tennis to new players. This basic adult beginner program is designed to get you enjoying tennis in no time! Focus of the program will be on learning forehand, backhand, volley and serve, as well as the rules and etiquette of the game.

Completion of Tennis Express 1 offer progression into Tennis Express 2.

Tennis Express II

Technique will continue to be a theme in this class, and build upon what has been learned from Tennis Express 1.

Advanced beginner/ intermediate program focusing on learning techniques as well as game play: Strokes, court positioning, Singles and Doubles play… Ideal for the Tennis Express 1 graduate or anyone who has not played recently and just needs a refresher course!

Tennis Express III

After completion of Tennis Express I and Tennis Express II, the real fun begins! In Tennis Express III you will have the opportunity to participate in our round robin programs. (Focus on doubles strategy, and how to improve doubles play)


Open daily unless otherwise announced.

  • Monday‑Friday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Saturday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Sunday  8:00am‑11:00pm


We are an all year round tennis school, tennis club, and training facility. Members and their guests are welcome.


The Tennis School is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and by extension, Tennis Canada, the national governing body for the sport of tennis.