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Summer Sports Camp

Summertime always makes the best memories.

Our Summer Sports Camp is a great platform for children to participate in multiple sports. Along with tennis, campers will also engage in recreational activites involving soccer, basketball and dodgeball. Besides learning a wider range of athletic movements and skills, our future athletes (and leaders) will avoid overuse injuries and burnout by involving more muscles in the body.

Summer Camps at the Tennis School is a great place for Kids to learn Tennis by Certified Professionals while also having fun with other campers in a variety of other sports monitored by our awesome and friendly counsellors!

The summer camp runs weekly from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm. It starts in late June or early July, with Early pick-up and late drop-off options available. Full-day, half-day weekly and daily options are available to suit your schedule.

Multiple Sports and Activities allow Campers to have fun doing a variety of activities such as Tennis (Taught by Certified Professionals), Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, and other outdoor and indoor activities!

Whether it is raining or sunny outside, our campers will be able to have fun at our camps with dedicated outdoor and indoor activities supervised by our Camp Counsellors.

A low camper to counsellor ratio ensures campers are able to have as much fun as possible while making sure safety is a top priority.

Schools out, summers in, let the drama stop and the fun begin.


Open daily unless otherwise announced.

  • Monday‑Friday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Saturday  8:00am‑11:00pm
  • Sunday  8:00am‑11:00pm


We are an all year round tennis school, tennis club, and training facility. Members and their guests are welcome.


The Tennis School is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and by extension, Tennis Canada, the national governing body for the sport of tennis.